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Hello. And Bye.
by AsNIZon Jan 19, 2018
donwload Internet Download Manager on your system, it'll grab the music file automatically
by Kenny Gee-Baibeeon Sep 01, 2015
I love the faaji but I don\'t know how to download some of the music like old school n9ja
by sundayon Jul 20, 2015
I am very grateful for this post. Thanks to all of you at Faaji house. God bless
by Big guy Bosunon Jul 03, 2015
please i do really need to download this.I'm sad right now i can\'t hear this inside my car .. i do love old music .. flash back my dad life..its really sad right here RIP DAD
by segzyon May 15, 2015
I just love old music. How I wish these so called modern musicians will learn from their predecessors. There is no more music. God bless the memories of the likes of Theo Iwalokun, I.K. Dairo, Ayinde Bakare, Kayode Fashola, Dele Ojo, Orlando Owoh and prolong the lives of Victor Olaiya, Ebenezer Obey, Sunny Ade, amen. Old is better than new.

Long live Nigeria . Best wishes from New York, USA.
by Lola Oon Jan 16, 2015
u too woged tht is to say very gbesoke
by temmyton Nov 18, 2014
Great job faajihouse
by wallyon Aug 26, 2014
This takes me back to those Saturday mornings, when my dad would play oldies music such as this... oh I miss the old days... Evergreen!
by Moj-mojon Jul 30, 2014
I love this oldies, nice one to kudos to , you've done great job
by Olumideon Mar 18, 2014

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