OKAY .so i went 2 give blood and the lady on d counter asked me if i have been in an african country for more dan one year..i was like year nigeria.she said "am sorry , u cant give blood.u have been in an hiv populated area" i was like smh. see me over here tying 2 help ur country and u are telling me i have hiv..i waka from dat place oo b4 vex catch me and her punch her in her face,,,,..hmmm...just to steroetypical...chie
Sorry Oo (3101) - Chei, See your life (2676)
by saminator from goergia, usa, on Sep 21, 2010 Comment (6)
Today I noticed that my daughter was making funny noises which oddly ressembled the sounds my wife makes in bed. When I asked her what she was doing she said "I'm pretending to be mommy from last night." I was on a business trip last night. SML
Sorry Oo (3529) - Chei, See your life (2899)
by Dada from Chicago, US, on Mar 18, 2010 Comment (5)
I went to this sushi bar with my girl today only to find out the place was a buffet. all well and good, i was excited but after eatin a bit of everything in there, the waiter brought the bill and it was $80 i was shocked but i had to play it off. chei car note and phone bill is due tomorrow. see my life
Sorry Oo (2424) - Chei, See your life (2123)
by asakoko from brooklyn,ny, yankee, on May 23, 2010 Comment (4)
Smh..after hurricane sandy I stayed on gas line for 5hrs only to hear that there's no more gas when I was two cars closer to d gas pump..sml
Sorry Oo (4099) - Chei, See your life (3290)
by Preciouzlov3 from NY, USA, on Nov 03, 2012 Comment (4)
I remember when i be small pinkin and I want jerk off so bad and no more vaseline for house. The only lubricate way i see na my mama bengay, na so i rub am for my prick ooo. Chei, that thing pepper ooo.
Sorry Oo (2249) - Chei, See your life (2143)
by Leavestory from Gidi, Nigeria, on Mar 20, 2010 Comment (3)
last night i wanted to send a txt to some shawtie...explaining all the crude things i wanted to do to her.....woke up this morning to find a text from my mother saying we need to talk....the girls name is one above my mums on my contact....i don diee
Sorry Oo (2235) - Chei, See your life (2133)
by mumu from lagos, nig, on Mar 21, 2010 Comment (3)
Today, I went to Stony Brook University and discovered that my girlfriend of over 12 years shot herself because her lover got married to a striper.
Sorry Oo (2446) - Chei, See your life (2155)
by Jay from new york, USA, on Mar 18, 2010 Comment (2)
I'm stuck on 3rd mainland bridge traffic and I have left to no gas in my car...I don dieee
Sorry Oo (2375) - Chei, See your life (2156)
by wetinconcernu from lasgidi, nigeria, on Mar 18, 2010 Comment (2)
Today I saw a beautiful gurl named Ashley and I got her number , after an hour I saw another Gurl and as I was talking to her and getting her number Ashley walked by and said hello to me and then said to the girl I was talking to that Dude(me) just got my number is he getting yours too....chei see my life!!
Sorry Oo (1950) - Chei, See your life (1742)
by jay from new york, uSA, on Mar 25, 2010 Comment (2)
Today I was in the train thinking about this beautiful woman that I had long conversation with and I noticed this dude looking at me. He started showing effeminate behaviors and with a female voice asked me my name. I shouted at him, "get out" and he just ran away.
Am not down with anything Gay! Of course everybody in the train looked at me and I got lucky- a pretty lady came and sat close to me to console me. Cmylife ..lol
Sorry Oo (2483) - Chei, See your life (2021)
by Jay from New york, USA, on Apr 11, 2010 Comment (2)

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