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My People

PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:57 pm
by Wole
My dear Ghanians,
(I like you but ...)
Its church, not"chech"
Pastor, not"pastar".
Doctor, not Dactar

My fellow Nigerians,
Its bath, not"baff".
Our currency is called Naira, not"narrah"!

My dear Edo people,
Its argument, not"ajument"
(4 wetin na?)

My dear Yorubas,
Its Air, not"hair" Eight, not"hate"
Its Van Persie, not"Fan Persin".

My dear Ibadan peeps woh!
Its not"sun tissu"its
sean tizzle!
Its not"siro"but zero!

My dear Hausa people,
Its fifty, not"pipty".
Its people, not"fiffle".
Its five, not"pipe".
Glo, not"gilo"!

My Egun people woh!
Its actually MTN and not NTM!!

My dear Calabar peeps!
Kindly note its love and not"rurf"!!

My Benue people,
its not Lick Loss, its Rick Ross

Lest I forget my close Igbo people!
There is nothing like"thaaasand" Haba!
There is thousand! It is Bedsheet and not "Baysheet"
And its thirty, not"thartie"!
Our Lord's prayer is actually "Our Father, who art in
Heaven, Hallowed be your name...", and not "Our Father, look at eleven, adaobi thy name..."