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Hello guys,
I have a relation problem an need serious advice.
I met this charming guy a while ago at a Conference and right of the back we hit it off like fireworks. I remember the first time I met him, I could not get my eyes of him. I remember telling my friends throughout the night that he was one of the hottest guys I had ever met. Sometime, that night, he came over to me an we started chatting. I remember thinking in my head that this guy has it all..Brains and Sex appeal. He was very sweet and not cocky like I expected him to be. He found me on facebook and we exchanges some messages. A week after the conference, I gave him my number and we have spoken ever since. Two months later, we started dating and I am enjoying every minute of it because he understands me completely..mood swings and all.
Problem is that he is 32 and I am 23. My family and some friends think I am absolutely crazy for dating someone who is 9 years older than me. The thing is that when we started talking I thought he was 27 because his bestfriend is also a friend of mine and the guy is 27 so I guess I automatically assumed they were the same age. When I had found out his real age I had already started really liking the guy and made myself believe that nothing was going to come out of it but unfortunately for me, the more i spoke to him, the more i fell in love.
Now my family wants me to break up with him because they believe I am only infatuated and nothing good can come out of it. I have been teased and told that I am dating a grandpa. I really believe that this is a good relationship because he is like no other man I have met.
Should I listen to those around me and break up with him or do I stick to my heart? I need help guys.. This is eating me up


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Re: HELP!!!

age aint nothing but a long as he is treating u da way u want to be treated thats all that matters.all i can say is just be careful.older guys tend to have a wife and kids back home and r only using us young girls to kill time.(speaking frm experience!) our folks speak wit wisdom that we cant see yet.only u know da answer to da question ur asking. try to keep ur friends and most family out ur business til ur heart is set on a decision. and if u choose to stay wit him give da relationship time to grow b4 u tell ur friends.ur friends might be hating on u.u never know. good luck on love sis


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Re: HELP!!!

:D my dear follow ur heart, by d way he is not too old 4 u am n the same shoes with u am also 23 n in a relationship with a guy the same age.c some of dem wish dey are in ur shoes.its not easy to find true love dis days and by the way age is jst num,and beside u are a woman wen u start making kids u wil be happi u did. enjoy jo.

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