Guy's rule.U female out there need to read and understand it



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Re: Guy's rule.U female out there need to read and understan

I see people making a mountain out of a molehill here. Obviously steffyjb1 and MSuave do not agree (are you single ;) ;) ) but I like the OP, it was funny and some of them were true.
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Re: Guy's rule.U female out there need to read and understan

Lmao,this is some topic.I think it is a bit too much.Guys have to be understanding,even though our girls over do it sometimes.Is DjNutty tryna holla at girls in a conversation


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Re: Guy's rule.U female out there need to read and understan

ONCE again i say peeps are taking it extremely PERSONAL(not LY) as i am not speaking to any one person in particular....anyone that knows about this chain thingies...know its a form of perpetuating stereotypes of how men's meant for laughs....there have been other chain thingies of such that put the women on the microscope of these particular type of issues. ESPECIALLY if u know the kind of person Jesse is why would u take this as anything but what it is......a cheap form of put off ur jacket, bloods are getting to heated....CHILL OUT........
Let me further this by saying women on their period should please not respond to my post because you might be in a hormonal state of mind....


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Re: Guy's rule.U female out there need to read and understan

"crying is blackmailing".... just because i have more estogen than u, so i should man up... insteresting, am sure a man like tht will do better with a male species of his type. Obviously, he does not know how to treat a lady right... it is good to know about all these men's rule cos it is educating tht men does have all these ridiculus rules; am sure u men are not born ready to learn about our rules since it is both of our world... a word for a man tht wants to live long "please ur woman"... the worst thing a man wants to deal with is a provoke woman.... as for the person tht post this message pls go watch the "dairy of a mad black woman".... if u also read the bible u will observed tht samuel power was taken away by a woman not to talk about the historical gilgamash, who is one third man, one third god, was also taken down by a woman. you don't want me to take u back to memory lane of adam and eve therefore a man's rules have to be signed and approved by his woman... case closed!!!!

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