Top Lies Men Tell



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Top Lies Men Tell

1. I never got that text
2. I never came so fast b4
3. My DiCK BIG!
4 My baby mother is crazy
5. I never fucked her, I swear
6.That's my homegurl
7. My phone died
8. I am visting my Mom for the weekend so I'm turning my phone off
9 I'm only having sex wit u
10. I love you
12 I have no reason to lie to you.
13. That is not my baby.
14. I have Plans for you
15. She's just a friend
16. Its not you, its me
17. I am leave my girl for you...
18. I don't love her
19. She got a boyfriend ...
20. I will never hurt you ...
21.Your the one I`m gonna Marry
22. She's like my sister
22. I got a job
22. You're the reason I'm tryna be a better man.
23. I never met anyone like u
24. It was a coincidence that me and my ex ended up @ the same club
25. She is stalking me!
26. No, I'm not seeing anyone right now.
27. I would never hurt u
28. I felt some kind of warmth but pushed her off me and slept in d toilet
29. I'm sorry I haven't had time for u but out here trying build a better life for the both of us
30. I was at the house party.
31.It wasn't me 3-| =D =)).
32. It's not my baby =))
33. This is my car not a rental babes 8-|
34. Yeah babes we can do that on the weekend.I wanna spend time with you>=)
35. I really do like you, sex don't matter, I can wait till your ready:|
36.If you leave me I'll kill myself =))
37. Sorry I took long to reply, I fell asleep
38. She just chatting shit cos I turfed her, I only want you.
39. When I get paid babe
40. I'm gonna call you back in a second babe, I'm just sorting something out here
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Re: Top Lies Men Tell

Lmfaoo...I seriously think i heard EVERy single one of those you see why I decide to stay single. lol. Gotta love it tho.


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Re: Top Lies Men Tell

TOP Female lies :D :mrgreen: :lol:

1. The sex was soo good
2. He is just a friend
3. I am independent
4. I was at church for all night prayer till this morning
5. My brother is calling me
6. I am on my period so i cant have sex
7. I use to model.
8. I am hanging out with my friends
9. You are the best i ever had
10. your mother and sister are AWESOME!!

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Re: Top Lies Men Tell

There's more female lies than that definitely. I will look it up and post. How can men lies be that long and women be so short. We all know WOMEN tell more lies LOL :lol:

But chairman, which one be all the mistakes now? :geek:
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Re: Top Lies Men Tell

u forgot one wolssss. i never told this lies.

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Re: Top Lies Men Tell

:lol: d lies are true and i believe the lies men tell is far more than the ladies.... :|


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Re: Top Lies Men Tell

Women also tell those lies to Guys too. Its 50;50 so we all have to be watchfull :twisted:


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Re: Top Lies Men Tell

More lies:

"Dat was my cousin,she just came to drop some of my stuffs dt was wit mum" :mrgreen:
9 mths later - "'no, couldn't have been me, he looks nothing like me...." :shock:
"‎'i promise i won't c*m in your mouth'" - hehehe :lol:


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Re: Top Lies Men Tell

me: who is calling u with the screen name babe?
dude: tht is my cousin; her name is babe
lol...let me find out all his cousins/sisters, i never met are called babe... MEN!!!

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