I was at library reading when I saw this damn hot gurl, I followed her to talk to her as soon as I reached her, her boy friend pulled over and she got into the car as they kissed. Chei
Sorry Oo (1368) - Chei, See your life (1109)
by jay from new york, usa, on Mar 18, 2010 Comment (0)
 I lives on Lagos and refuse to go to a meeting yesterday just because I don\'t feel like going. They called that another was scheduled for today in PH only for me to get there and learn it has been postponed. SML
Sorry Oo (1330) - Chei, See your life (1106)
by Legbaciou from Lagos, Nigeria, on Nov 26, 2015 Comment (0)
RENDITION:So a friend of mines told me that almost every night before she goes to bed, her guy is always disturbing her for sex and if she is not in the mood, he starts humping her!...Keep in mind they both have clothes covering there private part!!.. SEE HIS LIFE!
Sorry Oo (1170) - Chei, See your life (1060)
by mINKs from RHODE ISLAND, US, on May 23, 2010 Comment (1)

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