Today, I freaked out when the remote wouldn't unlock my car. I stood in the rain trying to open the door. Unsure of what to do next, I called my boyfriend. He told me to "put the key in the door". I had forgotten about that option.
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by Andimanastudent from Massachusetts, U.S., on Apr 14, 2011 Comment (170)
Smh..after hurricane sandy I stayed on gas line for 5hrs only to hear that there's no more gas when I was two cars closer to d gas pump..sml
Sorry Oo (2211) - Chei, See your life (1529)
by Preciouzlov3 from NY, USA, on Nov 03, 2012 Comment (11)
Today, I guess I accidentally left Facebook open on my work computer while I went to the bathroom, because my boss updated my status to "Unemployed."SML
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by Needsanewjob from Arizona, United States, on Jan 19, 2012 Comment (6)
Today, I went to the mall, at the register was this cute chick. I gave her my card, and they declined it. Gave her the second one, same thing. I was embarrassed and was about to leave when she said, "I was just messing with you."
by Olowo from FL, USA, on Mar 24, 2010 Comment (5)
I've always wanted to come to America land of opportunity!..Now am opportunity..I WANT TO GO BACK TO NIGERIA!!..SEE MY LIFE O!
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by JAMES from ATLANTA, US, on May 25, 2010 Comment (5)
I always thought I was lactose intolerance because every time I pour my coffee at work, I pour this particular half in half milk into my coffee and right after that I have to use the bathroom/shit. I was informed to use any milk or creamer in the first compartment in the fridge, since it belongs to the coffee mess group that I contribute to. Anyway, I decided to check to expiration date on the milk today and the milk has expired 6 months ago. No wonder I always have to shit right after I drink my coffee. SEE MY LIFE
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by Lactose Intolerance from CA, U.S.A, on Sep 09, 2010 Comment (5)
Today I noticed that my daughter was making funny noises which oddly ressembled the sounds my wife makes in bed. When I asked her what she was doing she said "I'm pretending to be mommy from last night." I was on a business trip last night. SML
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by Dada from Chicago, US, on Mar 18, 2010 Comment (4)
I'm stuck on 3rd mainland bridge traffic and I have left to no gas in my car...I don dieee
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by wetinconcernu from lasgidi, nigeria, on Mar 18, 2010 Comment (4)
So i went out to the bar with my co-workers. I got so wasted! The following day, i looked at my call list and i had spoken to my mom for over 8 mins...Only God knows what i said, cuz i sure don't remember...smh
by Zip from ny, USA, on Apr 02, 2010 Comment (4)
I went to this sushi bar with my girl today only to find out the place was a buffet. all well and good, i was excited but after eatin a bit of everything in there, the waiter brought the bill and it was $80 i was shocked but i had to play it off. chei car note and phone bill is due tomorrow. see my life
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by asakoko from brooklyn,ny, yankee, on May 23, 2010 Comment (4)

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