My mum told me that there is no husband in London, London men attract women with their cars, take you to MacDonald, buy you quarter pounder, chicken and chips , ice cream and take you home. When you get home, he will put in bed and jump on you , any man that jump you, he is disgracing our family. So when i went to London, i met one fine boy he took me to MacDonald, buy me a quarter pounder,chicken and chips, ice cream and took me home. This fine boy put me in bed and tried to jump over me then i remembered what my mummy told me so put him aside then i jumped over him not to disgrace my family
Sorry Oo (1174) - Chei, See your life (1061)
by djflexxy from london, united kingdom, on May 27, 2012 Comment (0)
While using my computer in class, I clicked on my bookmarked toolbar so I can link to facebook. However, I totally forgot that I bookmarked some of my favorite porn site and the lady next to me started laughing when she saw, “Erotic Sex Video.” See My Life!
Sorry Oo (1740) - Chei, See your life (1456)
by Oshodi Boy from Luhans'ka Oblast', Ukraine, on Jun 06, 2012 Comment (0)
Its 0400am in the morning, preparing for boards and still had to listen to some fela....
Sorry Oo (1810) - Chei, See your life (1455)
by interm from texas, usa, on Apr 16, 2013 Comment (0)
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