Why did I make a trip all the way to Jones Beach only for the thing to be so crowded that I couldn't even get in the water. To make the matter worse, the traffic was so bad that I spent more time on the road than on the sand. Black ppl. SML
by olowo lolaye from NY, USA, on May 31, 2010 Comment (0)
My wife changed her facebook’s relationship status from “Married” to “Widow.” Abeg, wetin I do now, I am not going home!
by David from Cali, U.S, on Jun 04, 2010 Comment (0)
Today, I told my boyfriend of 2 years that I had something important to tell him. Thinking I was going to break up with him, he broke up with me first and poured hot coffee on my head. I was going to tell him I was pregnant with his child. SML
by Sade from Shanghai, China, on Jun 24, 2010 Comment (0)
Today, my boyfriend questioned why I always put my shirts in the dryer right before wearing them. I told him it was because the dryer causes my shirts to regain their form and tightness. His response: "You should throw your vagina in there along with them." SML
by Someone from CA, U.S.A, on Sep 10, 2010 Comment (0)
I just waka from aboard Virgin Airline walking pass Immigration and well wishers who are saying good bye to their loved ones ,when walking through the airport gate i found out that i left my passport with the Immigration officer who checked and cleared me at terminal checkpoint only did i know that he was my former girlfriend husband, what do i have to say now to him....?
by Marshal Sanco Tobore from Unted State Of A*egun**, Republic Of Naija Delta., on Oct 10, 2010 Comment (0)
I was trying to show my splitting skills amongst my close friends and family, however, as I started descending, I started farting loudly for the full 20 seconds it took to reach the floor. See my life
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by Humiliated Chick from Lagos, Nigeria, on Jan 17, 2011 Comment (0)
Ever since I was born, I've had a lazy eye. This morning my boyfriend broke up with me. He thought it was funny to state that we just weren't looking at life in the same way. SML
by Bisi from Toronto, Canada, on Jan 17, 2011 Comment (0)
Today, I finally worked up the courage to tell my girlfriend we should start seeing other people. She said "Don't worry, I'm already way ahead of you." SML
by Too Slow from Nagaland, India, on Jan 19, 2012 Comment (0)
Today, my job application was rejected because I was overqualified. This is the same company that rejected me 2 years ago for being under-qualified. SML
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by 2gd4u from Texas, United States, on Mar 23, 2012 Comment (0)
My mum told me that there is no husband in London, London men attract women with their cars, take you to MacDonald, buy you quarter pounder, chicken and chips , ice cream and take you home. When you get home, he will put in bed and jump on you , any man that jump you, he is disgracing our family. So when i went to London, i met one fine boy he took me to MacDonald, buy me a quarter pounder,chicken and chips, ice cream and took me home. This fine boy put me in bed and tried to jump over me then i remembered what my mummy told me so put him aside then i jumped over him not to disgrace my family
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by djflexxy from london, united kingdom, on May 27, 2012 Comment (0)
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