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Hausa Boy

Hausa people are always very honest and sincere people. A warri councillor employed Adamu (a Hausa boy) as his Gate man. One day,the councillor informed Adamu "Three different persons would come looking for me today.The first one is Emeka.Tell him I'm in hospital in Port Harcourt. The second is Gbenga.Tell him I've travelled to South Africa for the African Cup of Nations. The third is Caroline(a lady from College of Education). Please tell her to come inside". After speaking,the councillor went inside his house,not envisaging that all three persons could come asking for him at the same time. After one hour, Emeka, Gbenga and Caroline all showed up together at the councillor's gate beckoning on Adamu to go call his master. Smart and sincere little Adamu smiled and said "Ooookaaaay... Emeka, Uga I nor well. I dey por hospitu por Port harcourt. Binga, Uga I don follow go por south Aprika nations cuf". Then he turned to Caroline right there and said "Toh Yarinya, Uga I dey inside walahi".
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