Post Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:24 pm



If going by what some bloggers have reported on the missing Malaysian airline then one could assume the Malaysia Airlines was hijacked ,

It was reported that the hijackers presented to the Government of Malaysia and the Malaysian political demands related to domestic politics , the Ma administration after receiving the hijackers' demands , after five hours of negotiations, finally did not agree to the demands of the hijackers , hijacking who are waiting to no avail , while the aircraft finally ran out of fuel ......

 Ma government aircraft from start to finish all know where ! After learning that the plane ran out of fuel , the Macedonian Government decided to crash the event described as a conventional air to avert a humanitarian pressure , avoid other political forces knew the hijackers political aspirations .

 Why airplane exhumation Malaysia ? Because the demands of the hijackers and the Malaysian government related.

 Who are the hijackers ? Crew .

 What are the demands of the hijackers ? Is to ask the government to immediately release political prisoners Ma Anwar - March 7 , the Court of Appeal to overturn the Malaysian opposition leader Anwar sodomy acquittal verdict , aged 66, former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar said the government attempted to use the allegation ruin his political career. If the government promised to release Anwar horses , hijackers will ensure the safety of aircraft and aircraft malfunction foreign claims , return to a landing at the airport in Malaysia , otherwise it will destroy the aircraft.

 Why hijackers close communication links with the ground navigation ? Because the hijackers naive enough to think the Ma administration will concern more than 230 lives and agreed to their terms ! The hijackers are alive and hope to go back ! So hijacked fly ......

So the question is why the Malaysian government still keeping this as secret when they could have save the situation earlier?